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Somewhere along the line, we decided we can’t talk about politics. People just don’t want to be that guy at the party. No politics and no religion…that’s the rule, right? But whether we like it or not, we need to figure this out. We need the discussion, the conversation, the exposure to different viewpoints and opinions and to be able to decide if we agree or disagree. But because we can’t talk about it, we feel alone—stranded and left to make sense of it all. We’ve decided to choose civility over education because we don’t like confrontation, and I get it. We’re bad at conflict. That’s not true. We’re great at conflict. We’re terrible at conflict resolution. But we need it. And we need some good, healthy social accountability to help push us to figure things out and make those decisions.

But that’s not how things work now. We’re not allowed to talk about it — so we get crappy, half-baked information, random stories and Facebook posts, comments (raise your hand if at least some of what you believe about the election came from a comment you read on Facebook or YouTube – guilty). And that’s not bad, but it’s not good either. Because it’s not the whole story.

So I’ve decided to embark on a journey – A normal, rational guy just trying to figure out what’s true, what do I believe, and in November, what do I do? Instead of judging or jumping to conclusions, I’ll try to see things from both sides, or all the sides, and understand what’s going on in people’s heads. Why do we care about the things we care about? Ultimately, I’m looking for hope. Something to get excited about – something positive we can hang onto because let’s be honest, an hour of Fox News should come with a prescription for Xanax.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, depressed, confused, uninformed, or hopeless about this upcoming election – this podcast is for you. (Without the drama and name-calling of Facebook.) I’m jumping in to all things politics and getting to the bottom – or at least as close to the bottom as I can get – of the madness. I’ll plow through the articles, statements, and accusations – the reasons for, and against – all in an open-minded attempt to see things through the eyes of the other side and answer the big question…could I really vote for Donald Trump? – or any candidate for that matter?

Here’s the (tentative) list of episodes by topic:

  1. The Man Behind the Donald. Who Is Donald Trump and Where Did He Come From?
  2. Is Donald Trump a Successful Businessman? Does it Matter?
  3. Do Political Outsiders Make Good Presidents?
  4. A Leader Worth Following? The Character and Reputation of the Trump
  5. Crooked Hillary?
  6. Is There Such a Thing As Wasted Votes? What to Do With Third Party Candidates
  7. The Most Powerful Man In the World? (What Does the President Actually Do?)
  8. The Court Supreme (Presidential Appointments)
  9. Fun With the Economy!
  10. You Know I Don’t Speak Spanish (Foreign Policy)
  11. The Wall (Domestic Policy)
  12. God’s Politics (Social Issues & Religion in Politics)
  13. We the People…Heroes, Victims, Perpetrators, and You


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Carl Wilson is a design and communications strategist who believes in intentionality and starting with the why. A passionate maximizer who is always seeking new opportunities to design life better, Carl uses design thinking to help startups, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals build better brands.


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