Season 1,

Episode 1: Introduction

August 24, 2016

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In the very first episode of An Honest Trumpversation, we take a few minutes to introduce the podcast, get to know a bit of the back story, and welcome you, the listener, before jumping into our regularly scheduled programming.

  • If you’ve found yourself feeling interested, entertained, confused, frustrated, upset, in the dark…all of the above about this election, this podcast is for you.
  • Or maybe, more often than you’d like to admit, you find yourself scrolling through endless chains of Facebook posts, YouTube videos and comments, and the latest articles or tweets, trying to figure out what’s really going on, who said what, and is it even true? Well, this podcast is for you.
  • If you feel like this whole thing is just a car wreck inside of a dumpster fire wrapped in a mysterious grab bag of ridiculousness, but you just can’t look away from all the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton election madness , or maybe you’ve ignored it all completely – either way, this podcast is for you.
  • And whether you’re a first-time voter or a seasoned vet, Republican, Democrat, raging socialist or somewhere in between, this podcast is for you, too.

I’ve become completely fascinated by the election this year—the un-scriptable cast of characters, over-the-top statements, controversy, and maybe most of all, us…the role we, as a country and individuals are playing. There’s no shortage of standard election headlines, talking points, or riled-up commentary, but something is different about this election. Which is making a few of us really excited, but a lot of us are starting to get pretty uncomfortable. We’re getting fed up. We’re frustrated that these are our options. That we’re in this situation. That this is the way we’re treating each other.

Maybe you can relate…I find myself watching, listening, reading, and I inevitably get to the bottom of some string of Facebook comments…this downward spiral of terrible logic that I just can seem to stop reading… and see some guy, or girl…let’s call her Sarah in Alaska, ranting about how the Government has planted chips in our brains and we’re all controlled by the media and   I wonder… How we could have possibly survived this long as a country? I mean really, are things really as bad as they seem? Maybe you’ve given up, stuck your head firmly in the sand refusing to listen to any more of it, and I don’t blame you one bit. It’s frustrating, depressing, confusing…and at some point you just run out of brain, or care, or something else and don’t know what to do.

A lot of people just get mad. I mean really angry. I think we’ve all been there at some point. We read something or hear something and wonder, how could anyone possibly believe that? Does this guy really think Donald Trump is the antichrist? Is this woman sane, sober, and coherent when she writes that she’s not voting for Hillary because she thinks she eats children? And is this person really so 100% sure that Obama literally started ISIS and is a closet Muslim who’s behind a gigantic master conspiracy to infiltrate America and destroy the world? And Michelle with her incessant exercising and healthy eating?! Terrorism.

When all this started I, like a lot of people, I didn’t take Donald Trump seriously.  I never really considered voting for him, and I was definitely skeptical, but that I thought maybe he could be  good for our political system. That he’d shake things up and expose some flaws and then be written off as remarkably unqualified and generally a terrible idea, and we’d go back to living our lives and voting the same way we always do. I had this theory about how he was a plant – the guy who would make all the others seem sane so we might be able to actually elect someone normal. Someone that makes sense and might be, I don’t know, qualified. Well obviously that’s not what happened and the longer it goes on the harder I find it to really understand how seemingly sane, smart, logical people are planning on voting for him. People I know and respect have decided he’s their guy…and I just don’t get it. So instead of judging and writing them all off, I decided to take a different approach…to see if I could get inside the mind of Donald Trump, and more specifically, Trump supporters to ultimately see if I can convince myself to vote for Donald Trump.

And so, An Honest Trumpversation was born. I’m diving into the mess myself to try and piece together what’s really going on—without all the yelling and blaming and spin and bias—just a normal guy, taking a real, honest, unbiased look at the whole story, what I believe about it, and what I’m going to do on election day. Because to be completely honest, I haven’t decided who I’m voting for. Really. And I have a feeling a lot of you haven’t either…

  • 0:00 – Welcome
  • 1:36 – Awesome Theme Music
  • 1:50 – How We Got Here
  • 5:27 – First Trumpressions
  • 8:26 – You’re Not Alone
  • 10:46 – A Story About Space And What This Podcast Is Really About
  • 16:10 – Three Reasons You Should Listen
  • 17:53 – What Are We Going to Talk About?
  • 20:20 – How You Can Help

I’m really excited to jump into all this together. Stay tuned for the first “real” episode later this week.


p.s. If you have a question or topic you want us to take a look at, or a guest you can help coordinate, send an email to

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