Season 1,

Episode 10: DysTrumpian Future

November 07, 2016

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In less than 24 hours millions of Americans will officially cast their vote, and tomorrow night we’ll finally have the answer we’ve anxiously been awaiting… “Who will be the next President of the United States?” If we believe the polls, that means about half of the country will at least be mildly relieved, and the other half? Angry, afraid, incredulous? Regardless of who you vote for, when those election results start rolling in the question on everyone’s mind will quickly turn to, “So now what?” What does life look like after the election? On this election-eve episode, we’re looking ahead to what life looks like in a post-election world.

Imagine for a moment it’s Wednesday, November 9th. You wake up and feel what? Go ahead. Close your eyes. Just think about it. Now tuck that away in the back of your brain because we’re going to come back to it later.

Election years are filled with emotions…hope, fear, anger, frustration, confusion…and so much of these come not really from one candidate or another, one political party or another, but most of our emotions surrounding the election find their roots in the unknown—that dark tomorrow just out of reach and the possibilities, opportunities, dangers, and challenges we can’t yet see. So we’re left to imagine, to speculate about what could be. The hard part about the election is that both sides will tell you their future is the only good one and the other is catastrophic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, from both sides, if the other side wins, it’s the end of the United States.

I don’t believe this. And I’m pretty sure deep down most of you don’t either. But the reality is, someone is going to win and one of these futures is going to happen. Trump winning is a very real possibility. Fivethirtyeight had trump with a 10% chance of winning. Now at 35%. Your vote matters.

So while we can’t know exactly what the world of a Trump or Clinton presidency will look like, unfortunately I haven’t mastered the power of seeing into the future…yet, there are some things we do know, or at least some elements from the campaign we can draw from to make some educated guesses.

We’re slow to talk about the election, and Trump’s run specifically, in extremes. It can’t be as bad as we’re made to believe. There’s no way that could happen right? But as we look ahead, we can’t deny some of these things are happening before our eyes and whether fueled by the extreme rhetoric or causing it, many of the things we doubted or even feared would happen, are. No, this episode isn’t just some macabre, “the sky is falling”, insert sad trombone here prediction after another, but I do want to take a real look at what things could look like and not downplay some very real possibilities.

So, it’s November 8th…what’s going on? Listen to find out!

How The West Might Soon Be Lost (Financial Times)

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