Season 1,

Episode 4: Trump vs. Clinton, Round 1

September 30, 2016

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84 million Americans tuned into the most watched presidential debate ever last Monday night. In this episode, we’re talking about who won—or lost—the debate and what, if anything, did we learn? Did Clinton emerge as the rational, reasonable choice or the condescending witch with a tainted record? Did a kinder, gentler, more even-keeled Trump win over independent voters or did a radical anti-politician continue to shake things up? Are the American people the real losers in all this?

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+ NPR Debate Transcript with Fact-Checking

+ The Wall Street Journal on Trump/Clinton Tax Proposals

+ Tax Foundation Analysis of Trump’s Tax Plan

+ Tax Foundation Analysis of Clinton’s Tax Plan

+ New York Times On Moody’s Analysis of Nominees’ Tax Plans

+ Forbes on Moody’s Analysis of Nominees’ Tax Plans

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