Season 1,

Episode 5: Who’s That Girl? (Part 1)

October 11, 2016

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Leaked tapes of Trump, Clinton emails, debate #2 in the books…the election is really starting to ramp up and we’re firmly planted in the thick of it for the next 28 days. Since we’ve already talked about Donald Trump’s story, this week we’re looking at Hillary Clinton. Who is she? Where does she come from? And is she as crooked, shady, or un-trustworthy as the pro-Trump camp claims? We’re talking about all this and more on this episode of An Honest Trumpversation…


Jimmy Kimmel joked recently that people were giving him a hard time because he makes so many jokes about Donald Trump but never Hillary Clinton. Why? She’s boring. And compared to Donald Trump, yes, she’s the more boring of the two candidates. In many ways the allegations and controversies surrounding Trump and Clinton are very similar. Though they find themselves facing off in the Presidential race now, their paths to getting here couldn’t be more different.
A few weeks ago we looked at some of the key factors and events in Donald Trump’s path that have made him the candidate he is today. If you missed it, or need a refresher, go check out episode 2. But for all we talked about with Trump having a checkered past, and particularly upbringing – silver spoon rich kid, loudmouth bully shipped off to military school before inheriting his father’s real-estate business – Hillary couldn’t be more of a golden child. Similarly to Trump, some key events in her childhood, upbringing, and early life have dramatically shaped who Hillary Clinton is today. While many Republicans and Trump supporters have called her crooked, a liar, corrupt, and a criminal. But many others call her a dedicated servant, lifelong champion of women, children, and minorities, and the most qualified candidate to ever run for President. So who is the real Hillary Clinton? It’s a question that has surrounded her for much of her political career, and rightly so. Often seen as closed-off, private, and unrelate-able—an ironic description for possibly the most well-known political figure alive—conflicting perspectives like these have followed Clinton for much of her life.
So who is the real Hillary Clinton? Like with Trump, there are a few key themes that have remained consistent descriptors throughout her life: family, faith, and fighting for what she believes in. We’ll unpack these and their origins in Clinton’s life—and that starts with her childhood in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

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