Season 1,

Episode 6: Trump vs. Clinton, Round 2

October 14, 2016

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The second Presidential debate is in the books and if you’re anything like me, or most people, you’re finding it both unbelievable and difficult to watch. Just days after the double-whammy of Trump’s leaked audio tapes and the Clinton WikiLeaks, the debate climate was set for a perfect storm of chaos, thinly-veiled jabs, and all the fact-checking you can handle. Today I’m joined by my good friend Jordan Short who’s here to hopefully help me pull some life, and maybe even some hope, from the wreckage that was Sunday night’s debate.

+ Live Analysis from the Wall Street Journal

+ NPR Fact Check & Transcript

+ 3 Winners & 2 Losers from the Second Presidential Debate (Vox)

+ Check out some of the awesome work Jordan has done.

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