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Episode 7: Trump vs. Clinton, Round 3

October 25, 2016

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Debate #3 is finally over and all that’s left to do is vote. Actually, it’s not that simple and a lot can happen over the next couple weeks, but as far off in the distance as the election seemed when we started this podcast, it’s now just two weeks away. Yes, in two weeks this will all be over…or will it? If Trump has anything to say about it, this could just be the beginning…

On today’s episode, we’ll recap and react to the final debate and try to paint a clearer picture of the decision we’ll all be making in just a few short weeks, complete with a produce-inspired metaphor I’m sure you won’t get anywhere else.

Last Wednesday night, nearly 72 million people tuned-in to the third and final presidential debate from Las Vegas. Early polling shows, for the most part, results consistent with the first two: Mainstream outlets are reporting that Hillary “won” the debate, and the question remains of whether or not Trump did enough to win over independent and undecided voters. One interesting CNN poll immediately following the debate showed 24% of people decided to vote for Clinton following her performance, while 25% said Trump did enough to make them supporters. The big number though? 50% said the debate didn’t impact their decision.

That was my takeaway. As badly as we all want some magical moment to arrive that will make the decision resoundingly clear, odds are if nothing has convinced you one way or the other yet, that moment isn’t coming.

Those still waiting for Trump’s presidential demeanor to appear are probably still waiting. Those looking for clarity on Clinton’s trustworthiness are most likely equally disappointed. New issues and positions were discussed, but as relatively civil and policy-focused as the first 40-or-so minutes felt, the lasting feeling for most hasn’t changed. So what do we do? What are we really deciding? Take a listen to hear about all this and more.

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